Stage Presence

So yesterday I hitched a ride in the T.A.R.D.I.S. And traveled one year into the future to make my post. You’ll be happy to hear The Doctor says she can’t wait to meet you all. ☺️

Here is my Day 2 offering. 

Ghosts from the past


Sweating out the lyrics

Of my doubt

Through transparent skin

Illuminating the dark

With a thousand


Bright stars of a

Hopeful youth.


I’m beyond restless,

Waiting for adventurous 

Steps to fill my soul;

Footfalls moving in

Agreement with sceneries,

My heart pumping peace. 

Dewy grass smelling

Of fairies and memories;

You framed in twilight

Dancing against time; 

Sunsets and smiles and drunken

Happiness surrounds

Everything at once. 
I’m beyond restless

Waiting for you…