This blog came about after I impulsively dove into the A To Z Challenge this month (April 2015).

Impulsively is no exaggeration. I flirted with the idea thirty-six hours before the end of March and signed up thirteen hours before the participation link closed and the contest shot out of the starting gate 

As something of a structure fanatic (a gross understatement) I knew I’d need a format to inhabit to stay on course for the duration of the month. The perfect answer was April’s other big event: National Poetry Month.


A week or so before April, in advance of National Poetry Month, I’d felt the siren call of poetry again, a cycle that rolls through me every ten years or so, and began a poetry pinboard.

And because I’m a big fan of creative community, I thought the board would be more fun to share with someone.  Enter my steampunk, coffee, and poetry loving pal D.J. Able.

Somewhere in the middle of all the fun was having with DJ and our poetry board, the poems I was writing for A To Z, and the poems and poets I was reading and meeting through National Poetry Month, I began to wonder why I allowed ten years at a time to pass between poetic cycles.Why didn’t I hold onto it? Why didn’t I invite it to stay with me, for good?


Alongside my lovely poetic cohorts, DJ Able, William Carlos, and various other inky cohorts, this blog will serve as a place to write poems, investigate the art of poetry, and celebrate poems, poets, and the life poetic.

Welcome to our journey. 

Auntie Bullish 🙂


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