At 3.99 for  two handfuls,
I have never thought much about strawberries
other than
out in the fields they are known simply
as fruit of the devil
I took that at face value
I haven’t eaten one since.

I have thought strawberries
were delicate
and packed with pesticides
and most likely molding
from the long ride
up the coast.

Last year someone passed on two little plants
and I couldn’t help it,
I planted them
they grew into themselves
and every surrounding area
one little runner at a time
crossing one border and then the next.

They survived the winter
the hail, the snow, the rainbows and slugs
They survived despite
the fact that I didn’t think much of them,
I didn’t think they could do it,
I didn’t think they would live.

Today with my garden full of
ripe red strawberries
I know fierceness when I see it
long live the little strawberries
that nobody wanted.


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