Calendars, Zentangles, & Words

When Ruth and I first started talking about this site, I was tossing around an idea to use my day planner to record micro-poetry. My plan was to use each square to capture a few words or doodles about the day.  Then Ruth introduced Zentangles into the mix – the perfect medium for a page full of squares. And my mind blew up.

My project has morphed into a monthly / yearly thing – trying to find moments and string them together. I’m pretty excited to see how it will all come together at the end of the year but here is April to give you a glimpse.

(I’m no artist by any means so excuse the childish Zentangles while I try to learn this new form of expression.)

FullSizeRender copy 2 FullSizeRender copy IMG_2227

APRIL 2015

Happiness scrawled
Across the days;
One square blooms
The next one fades.

With future dreams
Dressed up in heels,
Words flow freely
As time reveals.

A discovery of shapes
To meet my Zen.
Music rules;
Faith begins.

The past clears out
Like grey from the sky
Crashing down
And flying by.

Poetry, Passion,
The next new thing;
Happiness scrawled
Across my being.


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