Poem Walk: Summer Postcards

Summer Postcards



Road trip. Gold country. Blue eyes. Paper map. Oak trees. Warm sun. Good music. Getting lost. Sutter Creek. Antique hunting. Miniature treasures. Angels Camp. Hamburger heaven. Old-Town Murphys. Outdoor guitar. Iced coffee. Doggie treats. Blossoming wildfire. Comfortable silences.  More music. Goodbye kisses.



Independence Day. Evening fireworks. Morning coffee. Early news. Mutual opinions. Warm breeze. Gray sheets. Chirping birds. Quiet voices. Squeaky door. Tangled legs. Dappled sunlight. Sleeping dog. More caffeine. Weather report. Bowling match. Muffled laughter. Patchwork kisses.



County fair. Family affair. Scorching sun. Local blues. Fishing boats. Reflective moment. Flower gardens. Sticky heat. Cold soda. Local art. Old friend. Tipsy neighbor. Laced fingers. Setting sun. Metal bleachers. Welcome breeze. Warm shoulder. Starry sky. Kansas rocks. Violin captivates. Drive home. Sleepy kisses.


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