#NaPoWriMo 2016

Goodnights and Lullabies

For My Grandchildren


I planned this project with high hopes. The focus was poems and song lyrics created for my grandchildren. But an unexpected – and fortuitous – job change completely derailed me. Following is the incomplete collection.


Spread Your Wings

Little bird upon the branch
Spread your wings oh take a chance
Skim horizons vast and wide
With your fellows by your side

Little bird upon the wing
Swoop and soar and chirp and sing
Glide beneath the noonday sun
Find your nest when evening comes


Make Believe

Way up high in the tippy toe tree tops
I built my own little patchwork Camelot
There I hold court under fairytale skies
And entertain guests from far and from wide
Take tea with the hatter tuesdays at three
Tend beanstalks, briar rose, and gentle sweetpeas
Swap tales with the wild boys at half past never
Tread magic carpets in dainty glass slippers
Play cricket with pixies and hopscotch with elves
Talk true love with snow and books with sweet belle
If this be a dream, prithee waketh me not
’til Charming’s sweet kisses hath tied us in knots


Big Moon Bright

Big moon bright
Brings the night
Time for bed
Sweet sleepy-heads

Clouds will dance
Stars will wink
Heavy eyes
Will start to blink

Sleep will come
Dreams will too
I will keep
Watch over you

Big moon bright
Brings the night
Time for bed
Sweet sleepy heads



a  little  seashell
curled into itself
fashioned by sea swirl
roseate  and  periwinkle
coiled  up  like  a  sundial
[wentletraps and moonsnails
volutes, coweries and tritons]
etched with tiny  pearly  whorls
smelling of sand and sun and sky
swept along by the gentle revolution
of the tides


Little Owl

Little owl
In the night
With your eyes
Big and bright
Share with me
What you see
Under stars
And over trees

Little owl
Sit with me
The window eaves
We’ll grow tired
By and by
As Grandma sings
A lullaby

Little owl
In the night


The Hunter

little feline
sunning on wall
spying on mice
eyeing fat birds

While searching through photos for a different project, I came across an image of a cat in an exterior windowsill and this little sing-song poem fell out of my fingertips. I’ve never written or seen a poem like this but it was fun to create and I’m quite fond of it. I think I’ll call it Echo Rhyme. I’d like to try another one and push the form a bit so that the single words form a sentence or poetic phrase. Here we have: “Mine small nice stirs” which isn’t quite silly and dreadfully shy of profound. prophetic, or poetic .





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