Team Versification

Founded April 20, 2015

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Ruth Long  – Elsewhere, I write fiction and essays about creativity and writing.  I’ve had an affinity for poetry from the moment we met, but I’ve always hidden her in the closet of my heart, like an ill-fitting sweater or outgrown toy. But no more. As of April 2015, inspired by the poems and poets I met during National Poetry Month, and bolstered by the company of fellow poet D.J. Able, I will begin unashamedly kissing words in public. Err, or something as inelegant and brazen as that.

  • Favorite poem (from the moment I first read it two decades ago) is ‘Song‘ by W.D. Snodgrass
  • Favorite book about poetry is Poemcrazy by Susan Wooldridge.
  • First book of poetry I remember owning is 100 Poems From The Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth (when I was in high school)

DJ Able – Words swirl through my mind in an endless fashion and I occasionally jot them down.  Sometimes, they form complete sentences but more often than not I end up with pages of partial ideas that slip into poems. I’ve recently added visual poetry into my obsession, looking for sights and sounds that pool together to capture moments. Ruth began this endeavor and kindly offered me an outlet for silly things like visual poetry walks, poetry calendaring, and a study of Slam poets.

  • Favorite poem – I have too many I switch between depending on my mood although I am quite fond of early American poets.
  • Favorite book about poetry is currently Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World by Jane Hirschfield but again, I switch as my mood changes.
  • First book of poetry I remember owning was a tattered hand-me-down version of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes which isn’t really poetry to some but is  a great gateway in my opinion. I remember flipping through the pages before I could actually read, just to see how the words and pictures sat on the pages together. I loved the rhymes and still have the book today.








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