I’m beyond restless,

Waiting for adventurous 

Steps to fill my soul;

Footfalls moving in

Agreement with sceneries,

My heart pumping peace. 

Dewy grass smelling

Of fairies and memories;

You framed in twilight

Dancing against time; 

Sunsets and smiles and drunken

Happiness surrounds

Everything at once. 
I’m beyond restless

Waiting for you…



You surprised me when I wasn’t looking

coming in from my side mirror 

Barreling forward

– T-boned, I think it’s called –

Until we were entangled,

A mashed mess of confusion and contentment. 

And unexpected wonder. 

I encountered dewy experiences 

Dripping from my elbows and knees. 

My world unbolted

With lush greens steam rolling

In waves of autumn happiness. 

Love Letters from Hell


Pirates and poetry,
Laughter ringing through corridors.
I remember you;
From across tables
And behind the kraken.
Your mouth curled up just so;
Beckoning, encouraging,
Tasting like the rain in August.

Smiles and giggles,
Long talks covering up longing.
I remember you;
Through bookshelves
And a sea of heads,
Your eyes shining cleverly
With mischief and adventure;
Taking me to far off lands.

~ I miss your smile ~

xoxo – DJ