Future of Fate

Riding on waters of luminosity

As horizons shift;

Waiting for the plunge

Of icy providence

As it pours across the stern,

My rickety ship of invisible dreams

Rocks unevenly.

The green siren swims

In waves past

Averting my gaze

With her beauty.

And still I rock unevenly




for the waters to light the way.



This is why I dropped away

Sliding back

where goblins stay;

Giving space

So you could breathe;

And glimpse a world

Without me.

The mythos of a love so wide

In your eyes I fantasized;

But reality

Showed it’s fangs,

So this is why I dropped away.

Stage Presence

So yesterday I hitched a ride in the T.A.R.D.I.S. And traveled one year into the future to make my post. You’ll be happy to hear The Doctor says she can’t wait to meet you all. ☺️

Here is my Day 2 offering. 

Ghosts from the past


Sweating out the lyrics

Of my doubt

Through transparent skin

Illuminating the dark

With a thousand


Bright stars of a

Hopeful youth.