Forms and Elements

Let’s face it. Free verse is a siren song. It’s a warm ray of golden sunshine on a rainy day. But let’s not discount the rain. There’s so much to love about it. Like colored umbrellas and fuzzy gloves.

With that in mind, we’re going to dedicate this page to rain. Or rather, the appreciation of rain in it’s many forms. Ice. Sleet. Hail. Snow.

But we’re going to substitute the word poetry for the word rain. And that means we’ll have to swap out ice, sleet, hail, and snow for words like haiku, sonnets, cinquains, and so on.

Below, I will begin work on a long-term project, an alphabetical reference of poetic forms with simple explanations, personal asides, and links for further reading.

Please Note: In no way should you hold your breath for the completion of this project. It will be a labor of love, full of fits and starts, and subject to fallow periods.


A Brief Reference To Poetic Forms

*pardon the white space and crickets – the writer is currently staring into space while contemplating this monumental undertaking*


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